Social Media Vs Online Marketing

I am sure you have all heard that if you do not use Social Media you will fail at Online Marketing. Let me ask you a question though, do you NEED social media to make money online. Is this the be all and end all of making a living on line? Friends, and colleagues I am here to tell you that it is NOT the be all and end all. Social media, in my humble opinion, is a disease in modern society. I know that I am not going to be popular saying this, but social media has caused more problems in relationships, more infidelity, and more obese children than many other mediums out there. People get lost and completely forget about living, because they are LIVING on their Facebook page! I am here to tell you that THAT is NOT living. That is hiding. I am amazed at how many people are letting their lives pass them by! People that are trying to succeed in online marketing are completely distracted if they are using social media. I know people will say, NO NO NO, I market on social media all the time, but let’s look at it closer. As soon as you get on to your social media site, what ever one it is, you will spend the first who knows long “catching up” on what you have missed since your last login, wasting valuable time that you could be using to promote your self!What does this have to do with marketing? Let’s face it, if you want to make it in online marketing you have to treat it like a business. If you are a business person you know that if you are not focused you will not make it far in the business world!Marketing online needs to be REALMarketing online can not be done through a Facebook fan Page, and it can not be tweeted. There is a secret to marketing that people are constantly forgetting. Read on to find out the big secret to making it in online marketing. You are about to be amazed, and thrilled. You will not believe your eyes when you feast your eye on this deep dark secret of internet marketing.The Secret Revealed.OK let’s get back to social media for just a minute. Before I finally reveal what you really need for online marketing to work, I want you to know that social media is just NOT going to work for you, no matter how disciplined you are, Social Media is DESIGNED to distract you, and waste your time! There is something that is far more important, and I want you to really get it this time! So many people do not focus on this, and it is to their detriment and i what makes the successful stay ahead of the game.. Are you ready? Are you sure? OK, here it is… YOU NEED A LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS!Yup, that is it! That is what you need, let me elaborate, if you are just sending people to sales pages and getting sales, that is great, but what you are missing out on is the future sales! If you just get a sale from a click bank link, the VENDOR gets the future sales and product releases and so on. If you have ever bought a click bank product you know that you have to give them your email address… Wouldn’t it be better to capture the email address of potential customers, and then you can send emails to them promoting products and get residual income from future sales and you can build trust with your list so that they are more likely to purchase stuff from YOU instead of others, including the Vendor, because they will KNOW you and TRUST you they will be more likely to buy from YOU!!That’s if from me today my friends, I hope you will very seriously heed this article. The fact of the matter is that if you are not constantly building your list, and wasting time building your Facebook farm or whatever the latest time wasting game on Facebook is, you will lose at Online Marketing. People on Facebook don’t want to see your offers. Create squeeze pages and build your list, you can potentially do that on some social media, but don’t create fan pages, create squeeze pages and opt in forms, that is how you will succeed online!I hope you have enjoyed this article and will share it with your friends, read my resource box and head to my blog for more tips and advice!

What Is Automotive Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is a layer of thermoplastic urethane applied to the painted surfaces of an automobile to protect the paint job from chips, splatters, and small abrasions. Is is also commonly used on airplanes, motorcycles, electronic, cell phones and other electronics. Almost all automotive manufacturers have approved the usage of paint protection film on vehicles. It is also commonly referred to as Clear Bra which was the original manufacturer.It is recommended by manufacturers to entrust the application of the product to certified Vinyl Wrap and Clear Bra professional shops as the installation requires unique skills and techniques to get it to look right and last the life of the film. Many Window Tinting and detail shops also perform the installation.The primary purpose of Clear Bra is to prevent scuffs, rock chips and other types of vandalism which cause damage to a vehicle’s paint and body. It is commonly applied on the front facing portions of cars, trucks, and SUVs. It may also be used on the full body of a vehicle to provide maximum protection for the vehicle’s factory paint.Originally developed for use in military applications, it is now commercially available for public use. The automotive industry took note of the benefits offered by the paint protection film and began applying it to race cars to protect the expensive carbon fiber and fiberglass bodies. Originally the film was thicker and tough to install because the thick film was designed to protect helicopter blades from sand erosion.The film available on the market today is specifically designed to be flexible and conformable to a vehicle’s body. There are many options available in the market with specific types manufactured primarily with the technical capability to offer top level protection and even self-healing capabilities.Why use Paint Protection Film?Scratches on brand new or well-maintained vehicles not only destroy the look of your car, truck or SUV, they reduce the resale value. To prevent a car from suffering at the hands of vandalism or road debris, paint protection film is the perfect solution.Clear Bra has the strength to withstand the hazards on the road such as debris, rocks, sand and cement. It will shield the areas on the vehicle where it is installed and keep the body looking like it did the day you applied the film. Many of the premium films have self-healing properties so the film will heal itself when damaged by scratches and cracks. Another great application is to protect your vehicle from children playing near the car and scratching the paint surface with their toys.Which Paint Protection Film Brands are the most trusted?The most reliable brands of paint protection film on the market today are the original Clear Bra, 3M, Suntek, and Xpel. Xpel and 3M are the preferred films used in our shop due to their self-healing properties and industry leading warranties. In addition to full rolls of film, many of these manufacturers offer the DIY enthusiast pre-cut kits that are unique to a vehicle’s make, model and year.Today there is no shortage of cheaply made films imported from places like China and India and sold on sites like eBay and Amazon. Always be wary of any material that does not come from a reputable manufacturer. Cheap paint protection film will not protect your vehicle, and often the cheap adhesives used in this type of material will damage your factory paint when you attempt to remove it.How is It Applied?There are many types of installation for paint protection film. Most installers do not have plotters. Therefore they have no choice but to apply the fill directly from the roll and cut the material to length on your vehicle. Reputable installation shops that have invested in plotters use specially designed software to create a pattern for the shape of the panel on which the film is to be installed and have it plotted or cut with precision. A plotter can also be used to modify the cut pattern to fit custom patterns such as aftermarket body kits and bumpers.A popular installation technique for the DIY customer is a pre-cut kit. A pre-cut kit can be ordered by your vehicle make, model, and year and comes ready to install out of the box. The downside of a pre-cut kit is if you damage one of the sections of material during installation, you’ll have to purchase an entirely new kit. Pre-Cut Kits are also not available for any custom parts you have on your vehicle such as an aftermarket bumper, body kit, or spoiler.When you are looking for a Clear Bra installer, it is imperative to select a reputable shop with good reviews. The installation requires cutting near your car, truck or SUV’s paint with razor blades. An impatient or unskilled installer can quickly cause substantial and irreversible damage to your expensive vehicle.Where can the Film be Applied?Paint protection film is manufactured to appear practically invisible to the naked eye to maintain the appearance of your vehicle. It can be applied to any area of the car however it is mostly recommended for portions of the car that are susceptible to damage. The most common areas are the side mirrors, front bumper, and hood of your vehicle. Another area that Clear Bra can be used is door edges as they are prone to wear and tear from the constant opening and closing. Protecting door edges offers an excellent shield against chipping and scrapes which often happen in parking lots.It may also be applied to door handle cups because they get damaged from constant use. The scratches and scrapes can are prevented through the application of an invisible film of Clear Bra on the door handle cups.Benefits of a Paint Protection FilmClear Bra is flexible and stretchable as well as long lasting. It is almost invisible and can be molded to fit any surface of the vehicle. It seals the painted surfaces to give a long lasting glossy appearance and shiny exterior. Clear Bra is a branded self-healing coat which is resistant to scratches and cracks. It puts up a tough defensive front to damage of any kind which in inevitable when it comes to cars.

Further Education Jobs

Education jobs are numerous. Of course, there are those which are solely focused on teaching. There are many educational institutions offering from preschool to post graduate education which constantly hire professional teachers. They alone provide thousands of education jobs for those with degrees in education.However, there are further education jobs out there which are not limited to teaching. For starters, there are administrative education jobs you can apply to. If you don’t like teaching kids and grown ups, you can always apply for administrative positions like being a dean, principal or department head. Your main focus will be the supervision of the overall function of the institution. You’ll be in charge of educational programs and supervising the faculty and see to it that they’re doing their responsibilities according to standards.Another interesting job in line with education is that of a registrar and cashier. You don’t need to have an education degree to apply for such positions. A degree in accounting or commerce is enough. As a registrar, you’ll be in charge of the records of all students. On the other hand, being a cashier entails responsibilities such as organizing all accounts including payments of students and salaries of teachers.If you’re a bookworm, you’ll find the job as librarian very enjoyable. Most educational institutions prefer licensed librarians to work for them but for small schools, a degree in education is enough. In addition, you have to be extremely organized and strict when it comes to the policies of the library in case of borrowing and using of books and other resource materials.Being a guidance counselor is one of the most challenging education jobs out there. You need to have a degree in psychology to get into this job since it’s very sensitive. You’ll be dealing with students of all ages and from different backgrounds. Oftentimes, you have to help students deal with their problems, decision-making, and preparing them in choosing their desired careers in life.Just so you know there are also education jobs you can now find online. Many online education portals are looking for tutors to teach English as a Second Language to non-native speakers. You can earn extra money by simply teaching English to foreigners for a few hours everyday or by helping kids with their homework. Not only that, but you can also help others publish eBooks, write articles, and maintain blogs.Education jobs are varied that even if you don’t have a degree in education, you have a big chance of getting in. You can earn a reasonable salary as a full time employee and earn extra cash at the same time working online or after school hours.